Blue Point was founded in 1996, at present it operates as a public benefit company. At the time of establishing our organization, we thought that Hungary lacked institutions which would provide comprehensive and coordinated healthcare, social and legal services for psychoactive substance users. Drug users cannot be seen as mere medical cases, as they may have a variety of problems.

We also believed that it was not “looking after” what clients needed but help to recover and improve their quality of life. Back in 1996 we held what we do today: that even if a substance user does not want to give up using drugs, he or she still needs attention and the harms arising from drug use must be reduced.

When designing and developing our activities, we pay special attention to the fact that drug users are still an extremely stigmatized group in society. Our goal is to provide complex protection of their interests and, in the long term, to promote a change in the attitudes in society. An important element of our professional approach to addictions is that we do not differentiate between users of legalized drugs and illicit ones. It is an important task of Blue Point to treat massive addiction problems which are, though rampant in Hungary, far too often taken too lightly. These problems include alcohol and nicotine addiction, as well as behavior addictions, such as workaholism, gambling addiction, eating disorders, etc., which have only recently become known for the public.

In order to realize these goals, we tried to find a suitable organizational form to fulfill our tasks, thus we established Blue Point Foundation, which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO).

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